Confidentiality & Discretion

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is one of two basic and most important mainstays of my profession.

Sometimes guests are asking me if there personal data are secured and if their personality is protected when booking me.
The answer is: YES! Unconditionally and absolutely.
Some guests are afraid of consequences jobwise or with the family if their date with me will become known somehow.
I am taking this very serious and I am making sure that something like this can never happen.
Unfortunately we do not live in a society where you can say “yesterday I visited the
Rubber ProDom Natalia!“ like you can say “yesterday I was golfing.“ I am very aware of this,
and therefore I am observing the necessary rules.

About my guests I only need to know:
- a name (also a nickname is fine)
- an e-mail adress (which may be anonymous of course)
That‘s it.

Additionally some give me there phone number, adress, their bank account details, etc., send me photos of their family and much more.
That‘s all okay, but it is not necessary, and also these details are absolutely secure with me.

All details which my guests are giving me I only store in my personal laptop.
This laptop is multiply secured against access of third parties or hacking and it is kept in a safe.

Also other rubber women, the " rubber sluts", whom on request you can book separately and additionally to me, only get from me the first name or nickname of my guest, but except of his sexual inclinations no further personal information.

Especially guests who are in the public eye are subject to a comprehensive protection of their personality.
Whether I know a face from television or magazines is not relevant for me. I will not approach my guest for that, and I will not drop hints against third parties.
My guests have the right of unconditional confidentiality.

A “Max Mosley affair“ cannot and will not happen with me.

Details about my guests will NEVER be passed on to third parties, will NOT be published in the internet, NOT be sold, etc. I will NEVER,
under no circumstances and for no money give any information about my guests to the media.

Also on the photos on my website my guests will never be recognizable.

Discretion is the other mainstay.

I do not talk about my guests, I do not chat about them in the internet, etc.

My rubber dates are going extremely discreetly. Our date remains absolutely confidential. Even a visit in the hotel suite of our guest is totally anonymous and inconspicuous.

Some guests though do not have a problem with their life circumstances becoming known. These are guests who neither jobwise nor with the family have to fear consequences,
and who openly stand by their lifestyle.
That‘s fine. If a guest says to me “He - you certainly have seen me on television“, or if in a session he freely tells a rubber slut about himself, or later among friends or in the internet he
enthusiastically relates to meeting me, then this is solely his decision.
But even about those guests I will never spread anything.

By the way -
IMPORTANT for my foreign guests:
We are talking about you booking me - or me and one or two rubber sluts - for fetishistic-sexual services. In opposite to most other countries is this, is prostitution in Germany
on the whole FULLY LEGAL BY LAW! This is important for you to know if you are living in a country where prostitution is legally in a grey area only or even fully illegal.

If you have any questions regarding these important matters please write me
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With strict rubberlove...